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Alternative Tentacles

Culture Shock - Attention Span LP

Culture Shock - Attention Span LP

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Artist: Culture Shock

Label: Alternative Tentacles

Culture Shock's album Attention Span follow the success of their 2012 release, Everything, which ignited the band's full reformation. Attention Span delivers a blend of ska-punk-dub-reggae that appeals to sing-a-long music fans and provides a glimpse at the struggles of modern life. Two fine examples are the opening track, "Visibility," which explores the illusions of internet privacy and 'social mediaocrity' and "What Have We Got To Hide", which provides a clever take on big brother paranoia. Since their rebirth in 2013, Culture Shock has evolved with the times, gaining new depth while staying true to the sound that made them so important since day one.

Track Listing:

1. Visibility
2. Mindwash
3. Doesn't Work For Me
4. Uncivilised
5. Things To Do
6. Someone Has To Pay
7. Private Revolutions
8. Start At The Back
9. What Have We Got To Hide?
10. Sky High

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