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Down To Nothing / 50 Lions - Split CD

Down To Nothing / 50 Lions - Split CD

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Artist: Down To Nothing / 50 Lions

Label: 6131 Records

On their first trip south of the equator, Down To Nothing met up with Byron Bay's 50 Lions. By the end of this tour, Richmond's road dogs and Australia's favorite sons found their way into each other's top 8. In between their intense touring schedules, both bands found the time to write three of their best songs to date and document the aftermath. Side A features Down To Nothing conquering the world with their unique brand of metal tinged hardcore, whose intensity is matched by none. Coming through on Side B is 50 Lions, who are quickly making a name for themselves with their signature mid paced NYHC sound, all while upping the ante by adding blazing riffs and even harsher vocals. By now, anyone who knows anything knows who DTN is, but here's your chance to get your seat in the front of the 50 Lions bandwagon.

Track Listing:

1. Down To Nothing - Watered Down
2. Down To Nothing - When My World Turns Cold
3. Down To Nothing - Shot Down
4. 50 Lions - The Realness
5. 50 Lions - Searching
6. 50 Lions - Love And War

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