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Patient Zero Records

Four Walls Falling - Food for Worms + 3 CS

Four Walls Falling - Food for Worms + 3 CS

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Artist: Four Walls Falling

Label: Patient Zero Records

CN: PZ028

All donations were made in advance for this product in 2020 and these are the leftover copies.

Patient Zero Records is proud to team up with Virginia hardcore legends Four Walls Falling to aid in the fight for racial equality. This is the first time this material has been released in nearly twenty years, and for most of it, the first time in the US. The cassette contains the “Food for Worms” LP (1994), along with the “Self-titled” EP (1989), “Burn It” EP (1992), and the “Punish the Machine” EP (1993). Limited to 100 copies with 100-percent of the proceeds going to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. Black Lives Matter and we will continue to fight until everyone is considered equal.

Track Listing:

Food for Worms LP (1994)

1. Punish
2. Bible and Guns
3. Tightwire
4. Mr. Universe
5. Fall of Rome
6. Iran-Contra Blues
7. Drugged War
8. Aim
9. Supreme Being
10. Dumbfounded

Self-titled EP (1989)

11. Greed
12. Strength
13. Price of Silence
14. Rampage

Burn It EP (1992)

15. Burn It
16. Happy Face
17. Temple

Punish the Machine EP (1993)

18. Punish the Machine
19. Supreme Being
20. Aim

Cassette Run:

100 x Clear Cassettes

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