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Integrity - Suicide Black Snake CD

Integrity - Suicide Black Snake CD

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Artist: Integrity

Label: Organized Crime Records

Since 1988, Integrity has pioneered the metallic hardcore movement with a style that's hellbent on murder, revenge, the occult and beyond. Amidst countless eras, labels and lineup shifts, founding member/singer Dwid Hellion continues to carry the band forward, building upon the imagery and legacy the band has left for over 25 years.

Track Listing:

1. Suicide Black Snake
2. I Know VVhere Everyone Lives
3. Beasts As Gods
4. There Is A Sign
5. +Orrchida
6. All Is None
7. There Ain't No Living In Life
8. Detonate VVorlds Plague
9. Into The Night
10. Lucifer Before The Day Doth Go

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