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Integrity - Systems Overload CD

Integrity - Systems Overload CD

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Artist: Integrity

Label: Organized Crime Records

In 1995, Integrity recorded and released "Systems Overload." What is not widely known is that there was an original, rawer mix that was later scrapped and the record was remixed and released that way. In 2012, current guitarist Rob Orr obtained the original reels for "Systems Overload" and thought it would be entertaining to try and recreate the original mix on one of the songs. He sent the track to original guitarist and engineer of "Systems Overload," Aaron Melnick. After that, they collaborated together and remixed the whole record to sound like the original version. Included are lost elements of songs as well as the original version of "Unveiled Tomorrows."

Track Listing:

1. Incarnate 365
2. No One
3. Systems Overload
4. Armenian Persecution
5. Grace Of The Unholy
6. Forevers Horizon
7. Mediator
8. Salvations Malevolence
9. Fading Away
10. Jimson Isolation
11. The Screams
12. Search For Divinity
13. Unveiled Tomorrows

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