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Sodom - Partisan CD

Sodom - Partisan CD

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Artist: Sodom

Label: Steamhammer Records

Tom Angelripper ushers in the new line-up of Sodom - Husky (Asphyx, Desaster) on drums and Frank Blackfire (ex-Sodom, ex-Kreator, Frank Blackfire, Assassin) and Yorck Segatz (Beyondition) on guitars - with a three-song colored 10" vinyl release featuring a pair of new tracks and a live cut. "We recorded two brand new songs and on top the fans get a live bonus track from this years Rock Hard Festival. This is to give our fans a taste of our upcoming album which will be released in spring 2019," he promises. "The direction of the new material already stands: ready for action and full of adrenaline, Sodom are set to celebrate the glorious days of the 1980s old school thrash that we all grew up with and that the band has always been celebrated for."

Track Listing:

1. Partisan
2. Conflagration
3. Tired And Red

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