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Touch & Go Records

The Meatmen - We're The Meatmen And You Suck LP

The Meatmen - We're The Meatmen And You Suck LP

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Artist: The Meatmen

Label: Touch & Go Records

We're The Meatmen...And You Suck!! is an album from the Michigan hardcore punk band The Meatmen, which was released in 1983 on Touch and Go Records. Despite the fact that this is a live recording, it's sometimes referred to as the band's first album. Some sources list it as a compilation album. The first seven tracks are from the band's 1982 EP Blüd Sausage, while the rest of the album was recorded in front of a live audience in New York City.

Track Listing:

1. The Rap / Tooling For Anus
2. One Down Three To Go
3. Snuff 'Em
4. Becoming A Man / Freud Was Wrong
5. I've Got A Problem
6. I'm Glad I'm Not A Girl
7. Dumping Ground
8. Meatmen Stomp
9. Mr. Tapeworm
10. Orgy Of One
11. I Sin For A Living
12. Crippled Children Suck
13. Buttocks
14. Middle Aged Youth
15. Meat Crimes

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