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Condolence Records

Touché Amore - Dead Horse X LP

Touché Amore - Dead Horse X LP

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Artist: Touché Amore

Label: Condolence Records

After garnering US chart success and widespread critical acclaim for their fourth studio album, 2016’s Stage Four, Los Angeles post-hardcore quintet Touché Amoré have decided to mark the tenth anniversary of their 2009 debut, …To the Beat of a Dead Horse, by reissuing it in a limited edition LP. 

Track Listing:

1. And Now It's Happening In Mine

2. Honest Sleep

3. Cadence

4. Throwing Copper

5. Swimming With Sharks

6. History Reshits Itself

7. Suckerfish

8. Broken Records

9. Nine

10. Always Running Never Looking Back

11. Adieux

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