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Fastbreak Records

Wisdom In Chains - Class War CD

Wisdom In Chains - Class War CD

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Artist: Wisdom In Chains

Label: Fast Break! Records

Pennsylvania hardcore legends Wisdom In Chains shows a little nostalgia with a 10-year anniversary, bonus-edition deluxe CD of the band's sophomore album featuring a previously unreleased track. With updated art and freshly remastered, every track from "Class War" sounds as fresh and electrified as it did well over a decade ago, reminding us why and how Wisdom In Chains wrote a new chapter in hardcore and continue to do so.

Track Listing:

1. The Sound Of The End
2. Early Grave
3. I Don't Care
4. Cap City
5. Class War
6. This Is Mine
7. My Promise
8. Living In A Fog
9. Killing Time
10. Life Isn't Fair
11. Horrible Crimes
12. No Smiles In The Ghetto
13. The Land Of Kings
14. No Justice For The Working Man
15. London Gospel
16. Violent Assault
17. Bonus (bonus track)

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